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Leggings in anywhere

A Romwe me mandou mais algumas dicas pro uso da legging. O texto abaixo que publico na íntegra pra vocês fala disso, o quanto as leggins estão ficando populares, quais os possíveis usos e dá várias dicas.

Vale a pena conferir.

This time, I want tell you the fashion leggings---Romwe Women's Contrast Color Snake Print Cotton Leggings. The leggings are famous with the contrast color snake print. I think the leggings have a special pattern. The snake pattern is sexy for many ladies.
But many ladies have two feelings about the leggings. They love the leggings, and also hate the leggings.
There is no neutral ground with this fashion item I’m afraid. Personally they are one of my favourite wardrobe items! If worn correctly, leggings can truly bring out that fashion within.
Often the problem occurs because many women don’t actually know how to wear the legging look, and thus end up mismatching or simply wearing completely the wrong look for their body type. This in effect actually ruins this trend. However I do not believe there to be an age limit on leggings, as long as women are aware of their age and aware of their bodies then the legging look can work on most of us.
Wearing Leggings as a Substitute for Jeans
Much care needs to be taken with this look ladies, remember leggings are skin-tight – so, always remember, wearing something that ends mid thigh is downright unflattering and actually serves to make your thighs look larger than they really are. Also do not allow the top you pair with your leggings to end at the hips, it can be very unflattering.
Leggings with Shorts
This is where the ‘no mid thigh’ rule is allowed to be bent just a tad. When wearing shorts or skirts with leggings, it is ideal for the shorts/skirts to be about mid thigh – longer or shorter looks a bit odd. This look is perfect for the ladies who don’t like to show much skin, or for a more funky winter look.
Leggings with Boots
Leggings look great with ankle boots as well as calf length boots, however don’t go much higher than this unless you are very tall, because longer boots appear to shorten your body rather than elongate it.

E se vocês não sabem ainda, a Romwe agora vende no Amazon também. É só clicar na imagem aí em cima que cai direto no site.

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