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How to Choose Hair Extensions for Your Hair Type

If you're pondering over the idea of longer locks or thicker tresses, then perhaps clip in hair extensions might be an avenue you wish to explore- but how do you know if the extensions will blend with your natural hair texture? Whether you have thick, fine or medium hair, don't miss our tips for how to choose hair extensions for your hair type.

It's important to match the texture of your hair with the extensions. Don't know what your hair type is? Then a simple way to determine your hair thickness is by measuring your ponytail's circumference. To do this, gather your hair into a ponytail and tie with a hair elastic. If you have to wrap the elastic around your hair more than three times, then you have fine hair. Three times usually means that you have medium hair and once or twice means that you have thick hair.

Understanding your hair type

Before you add any set of hair extensions to your Dirty Looks cart, you need to understand what your hair type is. This particularly comes into play when it's time to decide which type of clip in hair extensions and wefts you are going to choose. You can click here for more information about different hair types and textures.

Our hair extensions come in a variety of styles, shades, lengths and thicknesses. From double weft to quad weft, you can rest assure that there's a set to suit your hair type. The Bobby Glam hair extensions are available in Triple or Quad Wefts, which means that there is either double, triple or quadruple the amount of hair sewn onto one clip in weft. Our Full Head HK Hair extensions also include a Quad Weft, too. So, if you have extremely thick hair, you might want to think about getting a thicker weft to make sure that the extensions to blend well with your natural hair texture.

Also, if you have fine hair, you're less likely to wear all of the clip ins from one set at once, as opposed to someone who has much thicker hair than yourself (a full head set comes with 10 clip ins). Clipping in too many clips will only result in an unnatural look, and the same goes for girls with thick hair too, as too little clip ins will also make your hair extensions look fake and much more noticeable.

Choosing the right length

The next thing to consider is the length of the hair extensions. If you're going to wear hair extensions, then they need to blend well with your own hair, and choosing the right length is another imperative when choosing hair extensions from wholesale hair vendors for your hair type. It also depends on what you want your hair extensions for- is it to add length to your thick tresses or induce volume into your fine, thin hair strands? Whatever your reason may be, make sure that you choose the length carefully so that you know they are going to blend well with your own locks.

Styling your hair extensions

Another factor to think about when choosing hair extensions for your hair type is the style of them. Most hair extensions arrive straight or with a slight wave to the ends anyway, which means it's pretty easy to blend them with your own natural hair, as all you need is a hair iron. But if you have extremely curly, coarse hair and tight ringlets, you might want to think about straightening your hair so that it blends with your extensions.

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